Utility industry restructuring is rapidly occurring across the country. Each state’s approach may differ, but increasing competition, giving energy users more choices, and providing savings' opportunities are consistent themes throughout. New and creative opportunities are available for innovative energy consumers. We, at Source California, are dedicated to serving our customers energy needs. We believe in building long-term relations with our clients and are focused on helping them to achieve their business success. We are committed to creating and growing a world-class place to work. We are looking for innovative solutions to customer problems from creative and talented people by providing the environment and technology to go well beyond traditional approaches to business.

We go that extra mile to get the best job done with emphasis on integrity, focus, and a great attitude. Work must have elements of joy, so we look for opportunities to celebrate the successes of our teams. Our people are our most valuable asset and deserve proper recognition for excellence. We offer competitive, high-value compensation and benefits, and nearly every employee is on some type of incentive plan that rewards high performance. Now is the time to join an innovative, rapidly expanding company that is focused on employees, customers, and the future. We are always looking for good people. So check us out, then let us know about you and your interests.

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Currently seeking entry-level and experienced Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. Cogeneration experience desired. Also, seeking Project Managers and Construction Managers.

Currently seeking experienced Gas Turbine Engine Technicians for immediate openings.

If working for a competitive company in the fast changing energy industry appeals to you, please send your resume by E-mail, FAX, or snail mail to:

U.S. Mail Address:
Attention: HR Manager
P. O. Box 3151
San Luis Obispo, CA 93403
Phone: 805.595.9900
FAX: 805-888-2882
E-Mail to: HR Contact

Source California Energy Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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