Source California Energy Services (Source California) specializes in helping our clients get economic benefits from generating electricity at the location that it is used. Our systems are tailored to provide electricity and hot/cold water resulting in many benefits.

Reduce Your Electricity Bill and Lower Your Thermal Energy Costs—GUARANTEED! Generating onsite energy with natural gas systems is significantly less expensive than purchasing power from the utility company. With cogeneration, a typical plant can operate at over 80% efficiency. Waste heat is used to provide steam, hot water and/or chiller water for cooling. We guarantee that your energy costs will drop by 10% to 40%.

Improved Reliability and Versatility. Because the power generation system is onsite, it will be there even when utility company is not. The system can be operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The units can be used for primary power, baseload power, peak shaving or emergency power.

Environmentally Friendly. Emissions levels are below any existing air quality standards. And the systems are guaranteed to pass all applicable air quality standards. In Los Angeles, many plants have emissions that are better than normal air quality.

Eliminates Blackouts, Brownouts, Curtailments, and Surges. Onsite units can be configured to eliminate these problems. Onsite power can produce cleaner, more stable power. Power doesn't have to travel hundreds of miles through "the grid" to your site.

Avoid the Hassles of Selling Power to the Utility. Using the Generation Onsite concept, there is no need for utility power purchase agreements. Expensive protection equipment required by the utility is not required.

Is Cogen for You? ( - published 10/2004 - by Joseph A. MacDonald)



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