Source California Energy Services, Inc. (Source California) has worked with various clients since it was founded in 1997. A large percentage of our revenue comes from repeat business with satisfied clients. Our clients have entrusted us with their most critical and challenging tasks and some of the largest providers of critical information and services have depended on us to improve the reliability of their operations. The following is a list of selected clients that Source California has served:

Calpine C*Power
Orion Power
Cambria Community Water Dist.
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
City of Ukiah
Real Energy Solstice Group
Duke Energy
Reliant Energy
Drexel Power
Silicon Valley Power
General Electric
Southern Energy California
State of Calif. - Dept. of Corrections & Rehabilitation
Hinton & Alfert
Turbine Air Systems
Williams Engineering

The following represents some of the retrofit type projects Source California has performed.

Calpine Provided a complete detailed design and CADD drawings for a geothermal H2S abatement system for Calpine's geothermal electrical generating facility, Units 7&8. Scope included all civil, mechanical, electrical and control systems from preliminary foundation design through on-site project startup. (Geothermal H2S Abatement System translated in Chinese).
Cambria Community Water District Design of a photovoltaic powered desalination facility for supplying water to the City of Cambria.
City of Ukiah Provided engineering, procurement and construction services to the City of Ukiah to resurrect an abandoned 3.5 MW hydroelectric power plant facility at Lake Mendocino Powerhouse, Coyote Dam. Source California completely refurbished all damaged, obsolete, and non-functional pieces of equipment.
Duke Energy Overall project management for the installation of a $74 million NOx emission reduction retrofit project involving major boiler draft system renovations, ID fan additions, electrical upgrades and the installation of a SCR system complete with ammonia storage, handling, and injection systems. Included management of engineering design, procurement, installation and commissioning for two 750 MW supercritical gas-fired units in Moss Landing. (NOx Emission Reduction Retrofit Project translated in Chinese).
Overall project management services for the installation of a $60 million seawater cooling system for the new combined cycle power plant at Moss Landing Units 8&9 (1,100 MW total)
Condition assessment of the Circulating Water Systems on Units 6&7 at the Moss Landing Power Plant. This study included compiling available documentation, interviewing Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering personnel, assessing the current state condition, identifying the scope of repair and replacement, prioritizing work activities, and estimating costs. An assessment was made of the circulating water system, screen wash system, chlorinating system, and lube water system. The multi-disciplinary review and assessment included civil structures, cathodic protection, mechanical equipment, instruments and electrical components.
Developed the engineering standards for Duke Energy-North America. This effort involved compiling over 4,000 engineering documents, reviewing them for technical accuracy, updating standards with the latest requirements, organizing documents in a useful format, scanning and digitizing data, and developing several multi-disciplinary volumes of standards in hard copy format, as well as on CD format. These standards are used to support future capital improvements and to ensure consistency with existing plant design.
Boiler Controls Replacement Projects at Morro Bay Power Plant. This project replaced Units 3&4 (each unit rated at 330 MWs) old and obsolete pneumatic controls with state-of-the-art Bailey Infi-90 Distributed Control Systems. The Bailey controls are solid state, digital based (e.g., multi-tasking, parallel processors) which allow precise control of the power plant's thermal systems. Implementation of the new controls resulted in improved reliability and heat rate.
Turbine Controls Replacement Projects at Morro Bay Power Plant. These projects were implemented in parallel with the Boiler Controls projects. As with the Boiler Controls Replacement projects, the turbine controls were also modernized using Bailey's Infi-90 Distributed Control System. In addition, the controls on the turbines were upgraded to Digital Electro Hydraulic (DEH) operating systems. The project's implementation resulted in a reduction in control valve throttling losses and increased control of the turbine-generator sets which resulted in better response to grid demands and a net gain of plant MW output.
Bailey 721 replacement project performed at Moss Landing Power Plant's Units 6&7 A major portion of the plant's existing controls (Bailey 721 system) were replaced with Westinghouse's DCS to enable faster ramp rates and lower load operation of the supercritical boilers. Also supported factory acceptance testing of the DCS.
Burner Management controls upgrade to Westinghouse DCS performed at Moss Landing Power Plant Units 6&7. Performed system testing and provided factory testing support.
Project management services for the NOx Emissions Projects at Moss Landing Power Plant.
Honeywell Corporation Energy Conservation Measure Project - Lompoc Federal Correctional Project. Source California provided engineering evaluation, detailed design drawings, project management and construction supervisoin for a redesign and retrofit of the mechanical systems. Solutions proposed included the modernization of the central plants, the implementation of alterate heating and cooling components, a new natural gas distribution system and an Energy Management System to track and control energy usage throughout the facility. In addition to updating the central plants, Source California prescribed modifications for the ancillary heating and cooling systems throughout the facility. A natural gas distrubution system was also designed and installed required by the newly relocatd central plant and new gas unit and infrared heating systems.
Southern Energy California Condition assessment and development of a master plan for the repair and replacement of the feedwater heaters at Pittsburg and Antioch power operating stations and at the Potrero Power Plant in San Francisco. This study included assessing the current state condition, projecting remaining life, performing life cycle cost analysis and prioritization of repairs and replacements.
Designed, procured and installed a building heating system at Pittsburg Power Plant Administration Building. This project included determining the overall heating load, specifying a natural gas fired, hot water boiler, designing and sizing a hydronic piping loop, circulating water pumps, air separator, expansion tank, control system and electrical requirements.
Replacement of a high-pressure feedwater heater on Unit 3 at the Potrero Power Plant in San Francisco. Source California's responsibilities include the project management from inception through completion, engineering design, specification development, procurement, inspection services through the manufacturing process and startup activities. Source California is performing the engineering and procurement ot upgrade the existing feedwater heater level control system from pneuamtic to a more reliable digital level control system.
Replacement of two feedater heaters on Unit 6 at the Pittsburg Power Plant. Source California's responsibilities include the project management from inception through completion, engineering design, specification development, procurement, inspection services through the manufacturing process and startup activities.
Condition assessment of Unit 3 at the Pittsburg Power Plant. The scope of this job includes performing an assessment of the boiler condenser and other pressure components. Source California provided a Project Manager to oversee and direct all outage activitiees. This included scope development, scheduling, cost estimating and construction management. Source California evaluated the results and provided recommended options.
Performed electrical load study to evaluate alternatives for optimizing current auxiliary power costs at Pittsburg Power Plant. The electrical engineeirng analysis was performed using a professional power system design and analysis software package called EDSA.
Project management, engineering, environmental support and training to support the consolidation efforts and sale of fuel oil owned by Soutnern Energy-Delta.
Mirant (formerly Southern Energy California) Planned, managed and directed activities for unit overhauls. Performed condition assessments, developed procurement specifications, directed construction activities and returned units to service on four 170 MW conventional gas-fired steam generating stations at Pittsburg Power Plant.
Provide outage management services for eight 170 MW unt outages. The $10 million effort was performed to meet California's emergency power needs.
Project management and engineering assistance for the Contra Costa and Pittsburg Power Plant SCR upgrades (conventional fossil units).
Peaker NOx modifications and cost estimates (gas turbine based units).
Engineering and project management services to support Mirant with the rebundle or replacement of Contra Costa Feedwater Heaters 6-7 and Potrero Feedwater 3-6.
Assessed and evaluated deformed boiler tubes from the perspective of overheating due to combustion system problems.
  Technical support for addressing Contra Costa County's concerns over adherence to the site's Risk Management Program.
  Performed case study analysis of multiple repower alternatives at Potrero Power Plant in San Francisco. The repowering alternatives evaluated included technologies ranging from a Hot Windbox alternative to various combined cycle installations for the site.
  Performed jet engine fuel conversion option analysis and associated emission reduction analysis for various alternatives to retrofit existing liquid fuel burning peaker plants.
  Performed I&C installation, testing and startup of the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), the Westinghouse DCS, and all associated field instrumentation for the Steam Temperature/NOx Controls Project at Potrero Power Plant. The project was successfully implemented and placed into service on schedule and with approved budget in early 1991.

Engineering services for the installation of a new Distributed Control System (DCS) to replace existing pneumatic boiler controls and exisitng WDFP DCS system at Potrero Unit 3.

Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) Performed audits of 50 electric power generating stations (qualifying facilities) ranging from 150 MW to 120 MW for PG&E.
  Provided project specific technical evaluations of PG&E's Self-Generation Incentive Program.
  Performed mechanical system condition assessment and feasibility study for 2.2 million square feet of commercial/industrial facilities located at the Naval Shipyards in Hunters Point, San Francisco. Study included evaluation of steam and hot water heating systems, fire protection, HVAC and miscellaneous specialized gas distribution systems. Performed hydrostatic testing of high rise heating distribution systems and provided repair/maintenance assessments. Provided scope development and cost estimates for complete facility upgrades.
  Feedwater controls replacement/upgrade of Diablo Canyon Units 1&2. The nuclear power plants existing Lovejoy Feedwater controls were replaced in whole by a Westinghouse DCS (nuclear-quality certified).
  Startup support for PG&E's Hunters Point Power Plant in San Francisco. Work included project management, instrumentation and control upgrades, boiler tuning, and engineering to reduce NOx emissions.
  Retrofit in 1950's era, 170 MW power plant with completely modernized burner management system which included automatic lightoff, double block and bleed fuel delivery system, and digital flame scanners at Hunters Point Power Plant Unit 4. (Burmer Management System Project translated in Chinese).
  Project management and construction management services for the PG&E Building & Land Services' POR Projects.
NRG Engineering and project management support to regain 15 MW of lost generation from Unit 1 and 20 MW from Unit 2. Performed condition assessment and implemented recommendations to significantly reduce heat rate, improve reliability and safety on two 175 MW conventional gas-fired steam generating stations in El Segundo.
Conducted El Segundo Unit 4 boiler inspection. Identified boiler condition issues and provided detailed visual inspection of boiler components with photographs, report findings and recommendations.
Evaluated and improved the process and control system ability of Units 3&4, El Segundo Power Plant.
Performed multi-faceted inspection and retrofit project to improve performance and reduce emissions at El Segundo Power Plant.
Poway Unified School District (PUSD) Provided turnkey design, procurement, constuction and commissioning of two Cogeneration Systems each at Rancho Bernardo High School and Mt. Carmel High School in San Diego, Calfiornia.
Orion Power Was primary onsite engineering and operations coordination contractor for Orion Power in the restoration and startup of a retired 1952 vintage 180 MW gas fired fossil-fuel generating unit at Astoria Power Plant, Unit 20. (Restoration and Startup Project translated in Chinese)
  Prepared conceptual design and cost estimates for various SCR design and installation geometries ranging from a compact SCR to a full-blown reactor type SCR on both conventional and hybrid SCR/SNCR system for a 700 MW coal-fired power plant at Avon Lake.
Reliant Energy Project management, field engineering and technical support for the implementation, testing and startup of the Boiler Controls DCS upgrades at the Coolwater Power Plant, Units 1&2.
  Project management, engineering, design and testing for the Cooling Power Station DCS and controls upgrade projects.
Silicon Valley Power (SVP)

Combined Cycle Power Plant Startup System Design Change- Project management, an engineering evaluation, detailed design drawings and construction supervision for modifications to the turbine main steam drain line at the Donald Von Raesfeld Power Plant. The new combined cycle power plant went operational in 2003.

State of California - Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR) Boiler Controls Upgrade Project - California Men's Colony - Control system engineering and construction services for the design, installation and startup of in-house boiler units. (Boiler Controls Upgrade Project translated in Chinese)
  Provided a comprehensive plan for utility savings to the CDCR's RJ Donovan Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) Project.
  Solar Turbine (Centaur 40) Cogeneration Refurbishment & Upgrade Project - RJ Donovan. Complete refurbishment of a Centaur 40 Solar Turbine, replacement of the obsolete hardwired relay logic turbine control system with modern Allen-Bradley PLC computer controls, and replacement of the obsolete and non-functional control system for the 45,000 lb/hr saturated steam at 125 psig HRSG.

Solar Turbine (Centaur 40) Maintenance Services - Avenal State Prison. Maintenance and engineering services required on two Centaur 40 Solar Turbines with HRSG. Conducted regularly scheduled preventative maintenance and repair services.

Turbine Air Systems

Performed engineering structural analysis, including seismic analysis and provided the civil engineering registration (stamp) for gas turbine inlet air chilling units and cooling towers for peaker plants in multiple locations within California.

Designed chiller skid foundations at Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility.
Williams Engineering

Provided electrical engineering and design services for the Straus Family Creamery onsite power generation facility.

Other Clients

Provided project management, design review, construction management, procurement coordination, quality control, scheduling and startup coordination and tuning activities on more than 10 onsite distributed generation cogeneration power plants.

  Performed site and shop inspection services for a variety of projects for Duke Energy, Mirant, and Calpine.
  Performed WDPF control system upgrade for General Electric's Kingsburg Cogeneration Facility
  Provided expert witness to boiler accident for Hinton & Alfert
  Provided civil engineering support to the City of Lodi, California.
  Upgraded the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system serving a rocket parts storage facility and attached offices for NASA at the Vandenberg Air Force Base, located outside of Lompoc, California. This work included the preparation of design drawings and a bid package for the construction of the upgraded HVAC system.
  Condition assessment of steam heating plant and distribution system for the Naval Air Station at Whidbey Island, Washington (Ault Field). Evaluated energy losses through steam/condensate distribution network and provided recommended repairs with cost estimates. Evaluated the steam heating plant consisting of four 36,500 lb./hr. boilers and recommended changes in chemical treatment and operation. Performed analysis of existing capability to meet planned facility upgrades.
  Energy Management System installation at Grace Church, San Luis Obispo, California. Provided the engineering design and supplied energy efficient equipment, including the energy management, lighting and HVAC systems, for the Ministry Center and Administration Building.

Energy Compliance evaluation (Title 24) performed for Berkey Construction which included the design and approval of mechanical systems for upgrades to a large commercial office building at the 3COM Park complex in the city of San Francisco. Work was completed on schedule and within budget.

  Engineering consulting and project management support to design and build a Jojoba Processing Plant for Purcell Jojoba International in southwestern Arizona. This project includes the design and construction of a 15,000 square foot building, mechanical design and piping layout of the processing plant and equipment, electrical design and the design of associated auxiliary systems.

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